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About Campo

Campo Internet is a specialist in building, maintening and marketing websites, founded in 2009 at Rotterdam in The Netherlands. We now have worldwide customers and agents that are using and selling our products. We understand that your website is a very important part of your business and perhaps your most important marketing tool.

In order for visitors to stay longer and return on your website it´s important, that a website gives a clear message, has a fine navigation structure and frequent "call to action". A website should also be easy to find, have good quality content and have good marketing.

In that case a website can improve your position as a specialist in your field, deliver a first good impression of your business., guide you through a telephone conversation with a customer, and help you generate more leads.

Please take a look at the four disciplines below, in which we are active as a supplier and/or advisor. The all four of them contribute to the success of your website.