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Digital Marketing

All our marketing services at a glance:

  • digital newsletter development;
    digital newsletter design, newsletter web form, professional system for sending and analysing your newsletter campaigns.
  • digital press products; business card, brochure, flyer, leaflet (corporate identity)
  • development of online promotion pages for product promo actions;
  • SEO analysis with KPI´s (key perfomance index) and horizontal development;
  • Social Media Marketing (customers do there own budgetizing)

How we work

The visibility of a website is of great importance and marketing is the one responsible of this. Marketing is able to bring the website into attention of the target audience (targeting).

A good marketed website needs SEO (search engine optimalisation). A good SEO starts with a correctly built website and means that code is used well, the website contains good and dynamic content with well chosen keywords and is organized well..

When the basis of the website is good, it can be effectively used to expand your network by for example blogging, strategic posting on social media and other websites, branding, email marketing and advertising online. For online advertising, programs as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Social Media Marketing (SMM) on Facebook and Twitter are usefull. A good oranic grow (grow without payments is important on the longterm and for payed solutions it´s important to decide the budget on how much you want to spend on your online advertisements and how long the advertisement period should be.

Google Adwords is a very effective online advertising network since Google is the biggest online search network in the world. Your business’ popularity in the google search results depends on your settings with the keywords, kind of advertisements you choose and bids on keywords. A combination of keywords for example can be cheaper to bid on and also more effective then single keywords. With the advertisements, you are also able to add extensions for instance adding extra target links to multiple webpages, location information and a direct call button to your company .

SMM is interesting in the way that you can target your audience on a specific remote location, age and interest. The advertisement software uses the information that people put on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can get new followers so that you can communicate with new potential clients. A well structured social network gives you a higher online position.

Google Analytics and Google Webmast Tools are programmes that give a detailed overview of your visitors from the website like: the pages they click on, what the conversions are, which keywords they used and from what website they came from. For finding good keywords you can use Google trends and Keyword Planner.

Other options of online marketing are using backlinks, newsletters,direct advertising on other websites or through advertising agency, mobile marketing, augmented reality or location based marketing.

Backlinking is an effective way to quickly attract more visitors to your site, by placing your link or linked content on popular websites in your industry. The price can be expensive and depends on the popularity of the other website.

Newsletters are an effective way of informing customers about new developments and products of your business. It can increase recurring sales and can also recruit new customers.

Online advertising agencies bring together advertisers and publishers. You can deliver banners to these agencies to let them promote your online webpage. Publishers and these agencies expect a little profit in return.

For offline marketing, Campo Internet delivers digital press products in the form of a brochure, business card or leaflet. Other commonly used methods are narrowcasting and radio / television advertising.

In many cases it´s important to have a brochure or leaflet that you can share with your existing customers and also to recruit new customers. Moreover, personal communication is a good way of explaining your services and unique selling points to your customers. Billboards on strategic places are effective in attracting attention and make the customers keep in touch with you to learn about your business.

Since 2020 our focus lies on building and participating in eConcepts.